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Jackie Reich
dressing room mirrors with lights
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in god’s waiting area

Mixed media artist Jackie Reich, provides a show which ranges from intimately scaled photographs and paintings, to the cozy seating region with pearl embellished sand carpet, and the glorious falls of a lacy dress hung upon the wall. Jackie’s function is informed by the ideas of loss and light, exactly where memory and record diverge. Numerous of her paintings and photographs are of places she has lived, and the moment 1 cannot return to. Jackie’s techniques and media contain: batik, encaustic painting, graphic design, hand-drawing, hand-writing, ikebana, ink block printing, interior style, jewelry design and style and hand manufacture, letterpress, murals, painting on a variety of media, papier, photography in digital and film formats, textiles, and upholstery.(supply)

Army ten-Miler Shadow Run – Camp Humphreys – 2 OCT 2011
dressing room mirrors with lights
Image by USAG-Humphreys
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Humphreys hosts Army 10-miler shadow run

By W. Wayne Marlow, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, Public Affairs

CAMP HUMPHREYS, SOUTH KOREA – Over 300 runners from across the Korean peninsula took part in the second annual Army 10-miler Shadow Run hosted here Oct. 2.

Very first Lieutenant Robert Anderson of the 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion won the nighttime race, designed to mirror the Army’s annual run in Washington, D.C., in 1 hour, 3 minutes and 51 seconds. Very first Lieutenant Sarah Rainville took the women’s crown, finishing in 1:16:44.

Anderson stated he initially believed only about carrying out his greatest and getting a great run. But when some entrants passed him early in the race, his focused changed.

“I was going to try and take it easy … but then an adrenaline rush hit and I decided to pick it up,” he said.

Anderson maintained a steady pace, running the second half in just two a lot more minutes than he did the 1st five miles. “I felt excellent the complete time,” he mentioned. “I felt like I had some left in the tank. I started coaching for it last year, so I’ve been upping my mileage.”

The Camp Humphreys shadow run will be shown on a huge screen for the duration of the Army 10-miler in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 9, and Anderson plans to be there to watch it and participate in his second ten-miler of the week. “This was prep for that one particular,” he said.

Former United States Army Garrison Humphreys Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Kim fired the opening gun at 9 p.m. locally to coincide with the actual time the run will begin in Washington D.C. Led by Kim’s replacement, Command Sgt. Maj. Spencer Gray, the runners began beneath the Super Health club walkway, then snaked their way about the airfield twice, ending up back at Super Fitness center.

“It’s an totally great occasion,” Gray said. “Soldiers function tough, so when you can do some thing like this to construct esprit de corps, it is a constructive thing. It is an chance for absolutely everyone to have a good time.”

The crisp, cool October air helped preserve the runners fresh, as did rehydration stations manned by volunteers along the route. The continual encouragement by fellow runners and cheering from the sidelines helped push the runners toward the finish.

“It’s not also cold. It’s nice running climate,” Gray stated. “You can often put on some thing to hold you warm, and if it gets too hot, you can dress down.”

Anderson agreed that the race featured excellent circumstances. “It’s fantastic climate, no overheating,” he stated. “It’s the ideal climate for running.”

Anderson mentioned he has three brothers in the Army who are also all enthusiastic runners, and there was yet another loved ones connection of note. Specialist Charles Rodgers IV flew from Hawaii to run the race with his father, Charles Rodgers III, who manages Splish and Splash Water Park on Humphreys. The two finished with identical instances of 1:32:40.

Besides excellent climate and enthusiastic observers, the runners were treated to replicas of Washington, D.C., monuments constructed by Jeffrey Hubbard of the USAG Humphreys Family members, Morale Welfare and Recreation office. The replicas, made of Styrofoam and braced by wood supports, incorporated the Vietnam Memorial, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, and the capitol. The project took about two weeks, according to Hubbard.

“It was to give everybody some thing additional to look at during the run and to do one thing distinct,” Hubbard stated. “We figured seeking at a poster would be sort of boring. We wanted to give them incentive to go and see the next a single. They’ll be here next year. They’re built to final.”

Area III Sports Director Lonnie Herring credited volunteers with assisting make the run a accomplishment.

“We had three drink tables on the trail and at the start and finish point,” he stated. “We had BOSS bring in volunteers, people standing on the road, and people handing out numbers and pace chips before the race.” The computerized chips, attached to the runners’ footwear, began and stopped when a person crossed the begin and finish lines, providing everyone an correct 10-mile time.

For all the logistics involved in getting hundreds of individuals run ten miles, Herring said most of the work was done beforehand.

“The pre-registration is the most time-consuming,” he mentioned, also mentioning coordination with Military Police, road closures, medical considerations, and taxi and bus services becoming suspended. But all the work paid off in the end, Herring noted.

Prior to the run, entrants had been addressed by USAG Humphreys Commander, Col. Joseph P. Moore.

“We’re here to have fun, and I hope your commanders told you that if you run this, there’s no P.T. tomorrow. Ten miles is no modest task,” Moore mentioned. “I’ve run this loop a lot at evening. There’s plenty of light out there. The terrain is true friendly. There are no large hills, just a lot of open room to run.”

The leading three finishers in the men’s 29 and below category had been: Wbatt Reith (1:07:53) Samuel Smiths (1:09:09) and Daniel Bates (1:09:35). Following Anderson in the men’s 30-39 category have been David Snow (1:12:41) and Nathan Stahl (1:18:02).

In the men’s 40-49 category, the leading three finishers were Brett Bassett (1:14:49), Dan Burnett (1:17:06) and Felix Lassus (1:18:57). Top the way in the men’s 50 and over category were Robert Nott (1:09:14), Mark Sullivan (1:09:57) and Kwon, Song-ki (1:19:23).

Following Rainville in the women’s 29 and under category were Kyle Wilson (1:22:20) and Liela Moser (1:26:01). In the women’s 30 and more than category, leading finishers have been Sarah Stahl (1:20:45), Adam Leinen (1:27:52), and Jamila Moody (1:34:11). Taking the women’s more than 40 crown was Kim, Hui-ok (1:37:06). In the women’s more than 50 category, Barbara Garner (1:37:31) took first, followed by Susan Jentoft (1:43:23).

Photographs courtesy U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, FMWR Advertising

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room in the previous
dressing room mirrors with lights
Image by B.S. Sensible
Sun stone


willow of crystal, a poplar of water,
a pillar of fountain by the wind drawn over,
tree that is firmly rooted and that dances,
turning course of a river that goes curving,
advances and retreats, goes roundabout,
arriving forever:
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspthe calm course of a star
or the spring, appearing with no urgency,
water behind a stillness of closed eyelids
flowing all night and pouring out prophecies,
a single presence in the procession of waves
wave more than wave till all is overlapped,
in a green sovereignty with no decline
a vibrant hallucination of numerous wings
when they all open at the height of the sky,

course of a journey amongst the densities
of the days of the future and the fateful
brilliance of misery shining like a bird
that petrifies the forest with its singing
and the annunciations of happiness
amongst the branches which go disappearing,
hours of light even now pecked away by the birds,
omens which even now fly out of my hand,

an actual presence like a burst of singing,
like the song of the wind in a burning building,
a lengthy appear holding the entire planet suspended,
the world with all its seas and all its mountains,
body of light as it is filtered by means of agate,
the thighs of light, the belly of light, the bays,
the solar rock and the cloud-colored body,
colour of day that goes racing and leaping,
the hour glitters and assumes its body,
now the world stands, visible by means of your physique,
and is transparent by way of your transparency,

I go a journey in galleries of sound,
I flow among the resonant presences
going, a blind man passing transparencies,
1 mirror cancels me, I rise from another,
forest whose trees are the pillars of magic,
beneath the arches of light I go among
the corridors of a dissolving autumn,

I go amongst your body as amongst the globe,
your belly the sunlit center of the city,
your breasts two churches where are celebrated
the great parallel mysteries of the blood,
the appears of my eyes cover you like ivy,
you are a city by the sea assaulted,
you are a rampart by the light divided
into two halves, distinct, color of peaches,
and you are saltiness, you are rocks and birds
beneath the edict of concentrated noon

and dressed in the coloring of my desires
you go as naked as my thoughts go naked,
I go among your eyes as I swim water,
the tigers come to these eyes to drink their dreams,
the hummingbird is burning amongst these flames,
I go upon your forehead as on the moon,
like cloud I go among your imagining
journey your belly as I journey your dream,

your loins are harvest, a field of waves and singing,
your loins are crystal and your loins are water,
your lips, your hair, the looks you give me, they
all night shower down like rain, and all day long
you open up my breast with your fingers of water,
you close my eyelids with your mouth of water,
raining upon my bones, and in my breast
the roots of water drive deep a liquid tree,

I travel by means of your waist as through a river,
I voyage your physique as through a grove going,
as by a footpath going up a mountain
and all of a sudden coming upon a steep ravine
I go the straitened way of your keen thoughts
break through to daylight upon your white forehead
and there my spirit flings itself down, is shattered
now I gather my fragments 1 by 1
and go on, bodiless, searching, in the dark….

you take on the likeness of a tree, a cloud,
you are all birds and now you are a star,
now you resemble the sharp edge of a sword
and now the executioner’s bowl of blood,
the encroaching ivy that over grows and then
roots out the soul and divides it from itself,

writing of fire on the slab of jade,
the cleft in the rock, serpent-goddess and queen,
pillar of cloud, and fountain struck from the stone,
the nest of eagles, the circle of the moon,
the seed of anise, mortal and smallest thorn
that has the power to give immortal discomfort,
shepherd of valleys underneath the sea
and guardian of the valley of the dead,
liana that hangs at the pitch of vertigo,
climber and bindweed and the venomous plant,
flower of resurrection and grape of life,
lady of the flute and of the lightning-flash,
terrace of jasmine, and salt rubbed in the wound,
a branch of roses for the man shot down,
snowstorm in August, moon of the harrowing,
the writing of the sea cut in basalt,
the writing of the wind upon the desert,
testament of the sun, pomegranate, wheat-ear….

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsplife and death
are reconciled in thee, lady of midnight,
tower of clarity, empress of daybreak,
moon virgin, mother of all mother liquids,
physique and flesh of the world, the property of death,
I have been endlessly falling considering that my birth,
I fall in my own self, never ever touch my depth,
collect me in your eyes, at final bring together
my scattered dust, make peace amongst my ashes,
bind the dismemberment of my bones, and breathe
upon my becoming, bring me to earth in your earth,
your silence of peace to the intellectual act
against itself aroused
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspopen now your hand
lady of the seeds of life, seeds that are days,
day is an immortality, it rises, it grows,
is carried out with being born and never ever is accomplished,
every day is a birth, and each and every daybreak
an additional birthplace and I am the break of day,
we all dawn on the day, the sun dawns and
daybreak is the face of the sun….

gate of our getting, awaken me, bring dawn,
grant that I see the face of the living day,
grant that I see the face of this reside evening,
almost everything speaks now, everything is transformed,
O arch of blood, bridge of our pulse beating,
carry me through to the far side of this night….

gateway of becoming: open your getting, awaken,
find out then to be, begin to carve your face,
develop your components, and maintain your vision
keen to appear at my face, as I at yours,
keen to look full at life correct by way of to death,
faces of sea, of bread, of rock, of fountain,
the spring of origin which will dissolve our faces
in the nameless face, existence with out face
the inexpressible presence of presences…

I want to go on, to go beyond I can not
the moment scatters itself in several issues,
I have slept the dreams of the stone that by no means dreams
and deep amongst the dreams of years like stones
have heard the singing of my imprisoned blood,
with a premonition of light the sea sang,
and one particular by a single the barriers give way,
all of the gates have fallen to decay,
the sun has forced an entrance via my forehead,
has opened my eyelids at last that were kept closed,
unfastened my being of its swaddling clothing,
has rooted me out of my self, and separated
me from my animal sleep centuries of stone
and the magic of reflections resurrects
willow of crystal, a poplar of water,
a pillar of fountain by the wind drawn over,
tree that is firmly rooted and that dances,
turning course of a river that goes curving,
advances and retreats, goes roundabout,
arriving forever:

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Gillian Welch: Everything is Cost-free

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