Museum & Gallery Listings for Jan. 23-29
You can call them abstract and stop there, or go further and connect them to art history, specifically the history of fiber art, or go further and consider them in the light of Ms. Scott's history: She was born in 1943 with Down syndrome, started …
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Apple's growing patent portfolio offers clues about future products
Although companies commonly patent ideas they do not ultimately use, the evolving makeup of Apple's portfolio points to spaces the company may be mining for future growth. Among other areas, the company has … The tech titan's burgeoning patent …
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Police demographics better mirror communities in today's time
As parts of the nation see a renewed struggle with racial tension in relation to law enforcement, local police appear to be changing as the racial makeup begins to better mirror communities. Statistics for Port Arthur Police Department show a changing …
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Fond du Lac police step up recruiting efforts
Over the years the racial makeup of Fond du Lac has changed. However, diversity among the sworn police ranks has not kept pace. "A workplace like ours is really a microcosm of our community and ideally they should mirror one another," Lamb said.
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Museum & Gallery Listings for Jan. 23-29
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