Mirrors and Windows

Not wanting to show my voyeuristic side here, but I would rather look through a window than look in a mirror these days. In business today, more than ever, we need to get a new perspective on things. View our situation from another viewpoint and get new insights on solving our problems.

Most of us spend a lot of time looking at what we do, talk about our situation, tell others what we do, how we feel and what we think. The reason – that is all we are looking at! We are so busy and involved in what we do we forget that there is a diversity of situations and solutions out there.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not advocating the abandonment of self-examination – which is critical for success, but suggesting that self-obsession can cause our outlook to be a little too one-sided. If you want to find real answers to problems you are facing, start asking questions instead of just re-living the problem.

The interesting thing about asking questions is it means you have to ultimately listen. Listen to the answers of someone else, find out you are not alone and discover a different perspective. Asking questions forces you to learn an essential skill, Listening.

When you ask questions you will find out what your competitors are doing. Get an insight into how other companies who may have faced the same things, dealt with their situation. When you ask questions you get answers. They are not always the answers you need, but hey at least you stopped looking in the mirror!

Sometimes you may need to just take a break. Get away, take a walk through the countryside or if you are so lucky, a long walk on a beach. The point here is this; you need to stop obsessing and worrying about your situation and your problems. Get your focus on something else for a while, you may find the answers you need come from the most unexpected place. As a leader in business, you should do whatever it takes to take a break from mirror gazing to gain a better or different perspective on your situation.

Windows are far more interesting than mirrors. Take a look next time you have the opportunity!


Barnaby is a renown public speaker and author. Origionally from the UK he spent his early years in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Now living in the USA he is an owner of Visibility Revolution. He is a powerful communicator and sales and marketing trainer.

His dynamic speaking style has encouraged and motivated thousands to be the best they can be and reach out for success even in difficult economic times.

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Mirrors and Windows
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