Question by *Krstl*: Makeup?????
My mom will not let me wear makeup what can I tell her so that she will let me… I am going to be 13 in October and my dad doesn’t care as extended as I do not put on to a lot makeup.

My mom at first said I can not wear make-up till I’m 18, due to the fact that is when she started wearing it. I started arguing with her because that was 20 years ago and in yet another nation (Germany) and there men and women don’t care if you shave your legs.

How do I convince her that I can wear it when I turn thirteen.

Thanks for all the support.

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Answer by bobissorad
Compromise. See if she’d be okay with you just wearing a tiny bit of brownish black mascara (or clear even), really light lip gloss, and concealer if you want it. If she still says no, see if you can get her to make it an earlier age, like 15. If she says yes, make positive you never go crazy with hot pink eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. Keep it inside the limits of what she mentioned. See if you can steadily be allowed to put on a lot more makeup in far more colors as you get older.

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