Magnifying loupe ? See it Large!

The magnifying loupe makes you to have a very clear and large view of objects. It is widely used in the business of jewelry and ornaments so that work can be done in a safe and sound manner. The 10X80 mm wooden magnifier is a good option which offers multiple uses. It is the best suited one to read newspaper, maps, postcards etc.


With respect to certain professions like jewelry and diamond designing or checking too this magnifying loupe is very efficient. The handle of this magnifier is made up of wood and the rest of the body is of zinc with a polished surface giving it a very stylish look and elegant design.


The magnifying power of this magnifying loupe is 10X which is also good to give a very clear and enhanced view of minute particles, letters etc. The size of this magnifier is also not big that assures that you can carry it to any place in your pocket without any problem.


This magnifying loupe is an integral part of hobbies that are intellectual in nature like stamp checking and collecting, postcard collection etc. 


The glass jeweler magnifying loupe is an exclusive one for people in this industry. The first thing that you want when you buy a gold ornament is to check its validity and how pure it is. For this reason you can have this magnifying loupe at your home only and validate the purity of the gold that you have bought. It has one magnifying lens which is quite powerful too.


The design of this magnifier is anti slip which makes it appear attractive and its portable size helps to carry it easily. Though this magnifying loupe has one lens but in terms of power it is 3 times more powerful than other ones, giving a very large projection of the object.


It is a very durable magnifying loupe that you can use for a very long time. Other than using it for technical functions you can also use it for hobbies and extra curricular activities too. The LED lights magnifier is another magnifying loupe that you can have for yourself. This is a very fashionable and stylish magnifying loupe which has 3 LED lights for easing out the magnifying purpose.


It runs on 3 batteries of AAA size and being made up of glass and asbestos this magnifying loupe is highly durable too offering you to use it for a long time. There are two lenses in this magnifier that can work simultaneously to give a much clear view.



Magnifying loupe ? See it Large!
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