Magnification of breast implants

A shapely, round breasts that are perfectly adapted to the body image is a desire of many women. A breast surgery may be indicated for many the only opportunity to be their dream a reality. For example, breast augmentation is one of those plastic and aesthetic procedures of cosmetic surgery that is performed very often.

For optimal modeling of the breast during a breast surgery, generally there are three different ways. Above all, breast enlargement, firming the breasts or breast reduction and Boob Job. Magnification of breast implants are also used to meet today’s highest standards. In addition to the commonly used circular forms are also available for anatomical implants. Almost any size and shape is modeled depending on the genetic characteristics of the patient. The ultimate goal of any breast surgery is a suitable and natural-looking appearance in harmony with the rest of the body. All three types of breast surgery are usually performed under general anesthesia with duration of treatment depending on the scale between one and three hours.

The female breast has always been and is today more than ever the epitome of femininity. Many women may be dissatisfied with their breasts. A deviation from the ideal-typical chest (tight, round and well-formed) may on the one hand, genetically determined or influenced by other developments such as hormonal factors, breast feeding or weight fluctuations. An aesthetic plastic surgery in the form of a breast surgery (breast augmentation, Boob Job or breast reduction) may, for many women an inner satisfaction, self-confidence and enables a higher quality of life.

For some women, the breast naturally is under-developed, for others they may not have the time due to various influences body develops compliant or can be different sizes. The breast enlargement occurs in most cases by the insertion of silicone implants because it is very difficult to distinguish from natural tissue. These come with the best of our specialists mediated exclusively by brand manufacturers. They are subject to the ISO standard and are filled with a special gel, which eliminates leakage. They can in terms of structure to be smooth or textured. The surgical procedure for breast augmentation takes place either through an incision in the skin’s natural crease under the breast, in the area of the nipple and in the armpit. Through this opening, the surgeon creates a cavity, in which he uses the implant. This cavity is created either directly behind the breast tissue or muscle between the chest and ribs.

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Magnification of breast implants
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