Lipstick prices shouldn't erase smiles
Ellen Warren Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I was recently strolling through the cosmetics section of a department store and saw a lipstick in a lovely color by a high-end designer (OK, it was Tom Ford). When I asked the price, the saleslady said $ 50, and I …
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Men vs. women: Who takes more time on their beauty routine?
Just-for-men aisles are cropping up in cosmetic sections. Male grooming outposts are sprouting up in men's apparel departments. Manly packaging dots drugstore shelves in rugged shades of blue and gray, some with lettering that looks like the type you'd …

Comments on fluoride
Like many chemicals found in nature, fluoride, if taken in very high amounts, can have negative effects most notably a cosmetic condition known as Mottled Enamel. Weakening of bones can also occur when vey high levels of fluoride are chronically ingested.
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Lipstick prices shouldn't erase smiles
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