Lipo Suction Options
Lipo suction is the cosmetic procedure that involves fat removal from various locations throughout the body with the use of an intake cannula. This technique is meant more for sculpting than to achieve any significant weight loss. This article will list and discuss the bodily regions accepted for the use of lipo suction.

Facial Region:

While we generally think of lipo suction as being reserved for the belly or thighs, it is also approved for the use of facial sculpting and fat deposit removal. Using a smaller cannula, this can be performed on the:

Upper Body:

As stated, this enhancement should be reserved for sculpting the body, but it can be used to rid areas of stubborn fat that have failed to be reduced by diet and targeted exercises. These upper body regions can benefit from this technique:
*Breasts and surrounding areas during a breast reduction
*Abdomen, also to assist in tummy tuck
*Lower back, or ‘love handles’

Lower Body:

The most commonly sought areas for use of lipo suction are those in the lower body region. This is understandable, as most problem areas for women are in this lower half:
*Thighs; inner and outer thighs and the front
*Knees, both front and sides

Once thought of as a woman’s surgery, men are now beginning to seek this enhancement in increasing numbers. Men use all of the above target areas, but mostly in male breast reduction and to decrease love handles, or otherwise referred to as flanks.

Another use of lipo suction is in the process of butt augmentations. This is achieved by collecting the fat from one area of the body and transplanting it to the regions on the buttocks with the purpose of creating volume, contour and a more attractive and curvy posterior. Other areas of the body can also be plumped with your own harvested fat. Patients opt for this less invasive and simpler technique over the use of actual transplants because of the shorter recovery time, fewer risks, and the fact that using one’s own tissues results in vastly fewer complications and adverse reactions.

It’s easy to understand the reasons this form of cosmetic surgery is so widely used. Its versatility and customizability make it a technique that appeals to a large portion of the populace, and its ability to yield effective results makes this a procedure that’s here to stay.

Lipo suction has been developed to the point that there are many different options for the consumer. If you are interested in the procedure, know your options. Visit

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Lipo Suction Options
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