Led light bulbs

The invention of the led light bulbs is was mainly to reduce soaring electric bills. The light from these bulbs are emitted from a solid object which is otherwise known as SSL or Solid State Lighting rather than a gas or vacuum. Led light bulbs can be easily installed as it is compatible with most of the electrical units and they can be used for decorations as well as lighting purposes because they come in different shapes including rope lights, Christmas trees, garlands and so forth.

The led light bulbs are used for decorating homes during functions and festivals. Because of their higher efficiency compared to the ordinary incandescent bulbs the led light bulbs are more efficient and effective they also save energy because it requires less amount of power to heat up. Led light bulbs also produce negligible amount of heat and it can be used for the growth of indoor plants and the bulbs remain cool even when lit. With global warming looming large at the world led light bulbs are environment friendly as they do not emit any kind of toxic fumes while burning also they very rarely break or shatter.

Compared to the other light bulbs led light bulbs are long lasting and durable and unlike the fluorescent blubs they are strong and compact in size and led light bulbs are also resistant to cold, shock and heat. The led light bulbs are also used in remotes, calculators as it is compact in size and seldom poses any kind of health and environmental threats because these bulbs are not manufactured with the use of mercury/. Flash lights which use led light bulbs tend to have a longer battery life as it utilizes minimum amount of power and the fact that it takes only seconds to light up after it is switched on unlike the incandescent bulbs and tubes makes it handy to carry around in times of emergency. Led light bulbs are available in different colors such as white, red, blue, green, and yellow which makes them unique.

 Led light bulbs can be used as entertainment lighting; architectural lighting, for decoration, inside operation theatre as medical lighting they produce a high-quality light in a variety of colors for just 1 watt of energy usage. Led light bulbs can be bought online and at dinodirect.com/light-bulbs/ you will find a wide range of led light bulbs of various models styles and design with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Led light bulbs
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