Neighborhood spot follows basic pub recipe
D├ęcor is basic beer lights and mirrors. The menu, a tri-fold sheet of apps, wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads, was augmented by a hand-written photocopied list of two dozen nightly specials ranging from two hot dogs and fries for $ 4.50 to a whole …
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Psychedelic Acid Trope: Exhibits at the Bullock, Briscoe, and LBJ explore our
The path of personalities mirrors the era's hard realities: It's 40 feet before any person of color is featured (MLK, Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall) and another 30 before the first woman (Betty Friedan). Objects related to the subjects dot the …
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Diode lasers for remote welding
The scanning unit consists of focusing optics with a relatively long focal distance in combination with galvanometer scanning mirrors. This setup enables high-speed focusing of the laser beam onto the workpiece. In most available scanning systems, the …
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