Take a good look
Who wouldn't relish a compact, practically unbreakable travel mirror with good optical quality and both a regular and magnifying side? The folks at Magi-Mirror have made just such a mirror even tougher, with even better optical quality than their …
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Fantasy Football Podcast – Week 5 Regular Season
… to jump off a cliff or anything like that may sound like a panel bunch of 1% complaining about taxes or — — — Did you about the — I'm really not but I. It is 500 football team is an outrage that's what it's just don't want — do some of files …
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Bowyer down to last chance to make Chase
“I think after what happened last year, the magnifying glasses are getting a little bit tighter than they used to be and that we'll have a good race,” Newman said. Bowyer, a year after the scandal, wasn't interested Friday in revisiting the spin that …
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