Lauder: Clinique success depends on embracing tech while staying true to brand
The key to success is to merge online and offline shopping seamlessly, Lauder said, holding Nordstrom JWN as an example of a retailer deftly doing both. “It's fun to buy make-up online,” said Lauder. “It's even more fun to go into a store and buy it …
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Why supermarkets are on the way out
We don't want expensive, cosmetic but tasteless fruit and vegetable perfection. Supermarkets may offer 30-40% of their goods on promotion, but our budgets are limited: we can't spend any … Far easier to click online and have shopping delivered than …
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The story of street singer Zhang Mingyuan
And he supported his parents by running a fruit store and a cosmetic shop. His mother died of cancer in 2013. In her final days, Zhang took care of her and wrote a song named 'Mother'for her. Zhang has more understandings and feelings of life now. He …
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