Israel Had a Secret Bullet China Factory
The China factory leaders crafted a cover story of lipstick manufacturing to hide their need for an enormous amount of copper sheeting, and the kibbutz leaders would gift British soldiers with makeup for their wives. The fears of the Zionists were confirmed …
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Consumers can experiment with different looks in the apps that act like augmented reality mirrors. With the Beauty Mirror app, which uses filters, people can see how they would look with fewer wrinkles, bigger lips or lifted eyebrows in a real-time …
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The radar for CYCLISTS: Backtracker gives riders a sixth sense so they know
A rear-mounted light also warns motorists of the cyclist's presence by flashing furiously the closer they get. Scroll down for video. A team of entrepreneurs have … 'The beauty of a radar is that it can see through rain and fog,' the firm, iKubu's …
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