Angela Bassett Shares Her Red Carpet Beauty Secrets
We never grow tired of watching Angela Bassett light up the red carpet, and the actress is sure to stun when she takes her mark at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on August 25. (She's nominated for her role as a voodoo priestess on American Horror Story …
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Lane-splitting benefits both drivers and motorcyclists
With terrifying frequency, I see drivers darting across double yellow lines, veering while putting on makeup or reading the newspaper (yes, that did happen on the 405) and treating turn signals as an optional accessory. I'll be the first to admit that …
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Korean Makeup powerhouse LANEIGE hits the states
The last makeup trend that came from Korea hit America like a storm: BB creams, or Blemish Balm is an all in one cosmetic product that would moisturize, prime, conceal and protect skin in a powerhouse of a cream. Western markets jumped on the idea and …
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