My secrets to a stylish 50s? Slather olive oil on your hair and NEVER wear beige!
Her best beauty tip — one I still follow religiously to this day — was to slather my hair and skin in olive oil, once a week, to keep both soft and supple. But more important than any of this was her attitude …. Pearls reflect the light beautifully …
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Fair results
It is not a design placed in front of a mirror. Brilliant light is important on this design. As not much plant material is reflective, the reflection must come from the container or incorporated materials. Shiny containers made of metal, mylar, mirrors …
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Sali Hughes: the essential guide to staying ahead of the beauty game
And what should you pack for the morning after? In an exclusive extract from her new book, our beauty expert has some hard-won advice… …. In the flesh, people glance at your face as a whole – a moving, changing image affected by different lights …
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