Porn Leaves Los Angeles: Cue Small Violins
To be fair, most of the technicians and make-up people working in adult films (most likely shot in video formats) probably don't give a damn about the story points of the productions they work on. They care mostly about a paycheck. Not that they are …
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Film Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
… images for this storyline, most notably an otherworldly shot of the actress's body slicing through the surface of a pool, as if she's actually falling into a mirror. Graceful, gorgeous moments like that almost make up for the movie's extensive …
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California's new solar power plant is actually a death ray that's incinerating
The plant, which uses some 350,000 garage-door-sized mirrors to focus sunlight on three boiler towers, also acts as a death ray, instantly igniting and killing any wildlife that happen to fly through the intense beam of light. Wildlife officials are …
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CX Silver Gallery hosts 50-year retrospective of her art
Bones extracted during the making of oxtail soup make up a “family” of figures in several groupings; hubcaps become dinner plates. … And almost anything can be seen in another light. … “Artful Dodging” cites the 2000 presidential election debacle …
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