Don't get caught short! This toilet paper holder alerts you when you need a top up
We can stay extra vigilant on bathroom necessities and always have a spare roll on hand. But 50 years ago my grandparents would never have imagined seeing a China toilet roll holder so technologically advanced. And seriously, how many times have you run out …
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Dear John: DC Reynolds
And if you're anything like me when you're taking a shit, then the back-up China toilet paper roll can be a form of treasure, too. Overall score: +5. There is simply no reason to hate DC Reynolds. The staff is friendly, the drinks plentiful, and the bathroom …

When you gotta go: Toilet paper maker ditches the tube
The China company says its engineers and scientists, based in Neenah, developed the tubeless China toilet paper roll that's been test marketed on a limited scale in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and now is being launched, nationwide, largely through …
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