Custom blended makeup available online
The colors are bright, bold and custom blended for Marta Countess… right in someone else's home! After a local makeup artist offered to create cosmetics that wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin, Marta decided to give handcrafted powder and eye shadow …
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Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans hunt for scarce makeup, implants
A shortage of beauty products and cosmetic surgery supplies – including breast implants – has hit Venezeula. The country is said to have one of the largest number of people to have undergone cosmetic operations such as breast augmentation, who include …
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Science Center defends its offerings to girls after criticism in social media
So imagine CSC's surprise to find itself called “disgusting” and “a disgrace” because its sole offering for the Girl Scouts is a program called “Science With a Sparkle” — teaching how to become a “cosmetic chemist.” The CSC started to notice postings …
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