Anna Sui on How to Wear Bold Patterns With Panache
“Right now the look seems to be a no-makeup makeup look,” says Ms. Sui, who is a fan of striking looks herself. “It depends on your mood and how bold you're willing to go.” Finally, Ms. Sui has a rule of thumb before stepping out of the house. Citing …
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I Didn't Brush My Teeth Today, Either
I put on makeup, but only because I had to go to work and I didn't want my boss to run an intervention for me. My shoes are too tight and I … As I drive back home, kids in tow, I can't help but glance at myself in the rearview mirror. I wet my finger …
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Cindy Crawford Shares Anti-Aging Secrets, Talks Dieting in the '90s: ''Those
At 49 years old, Cindy Crawford is undoubtedly an ageless beauty, but the secret to her youthful appearance is actually quite simple. "The secret is that there is no secret," the stunning supermodel said in a recent interview with Violet Gray while …
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Joe Soucheray: Cleaning job worth doing is worth doing right
Here we came to more of the CP's leavings: store receipts, a glove from last winter, more pens, cardboard parking-lot tickets and a China makeup mirror. I was on my knees in the driveway poking the vacuum nozzle under the front passenger seat when something …
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