Question by dad 1: kitchen and bathroom fitter?
Ime self employed fitter and have very small work.

Whats the ideal way to get function in the uk ?

Whats the best type of marketing for a sole trader ?

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Answer by James
You can do some marketing on areas like kijiji and craigslist.
The only dilemma is I locate that people on these internet sites are searching for skilled craftsmen but want to pay minimum wage. Essentially what they want to pay would cost you cash to do the job.
Charge a fair cost and do top quality work. Take images of operate, before throughout and right after.
Ask your consumers if they would fill out a consumer satisfaction or Reference form.
Provide to give them a discount if they pay in full by a specific date, and if you can use them as a reference.

Do not fall into the trap several home owners attempt, “This other guy will do the same thing for way much less…”
Truly??? Will he?? the Same job with the same top quality??
I doubt it, so must you and so must the client.
I charge $ 350 to install an interior door. That keeps me in enterprise..other individuals charge $ one hundred, they can’t remain in organization and their operate, far more typically than not is inferior.
Never really feel like you must be ashamed to make a profit in the organization you choose.
Let you clients know that you get what you pay for and if they are basing their descision soley on price alone. Ask them if they can believe of a a time when they purchased based on inexpensive price and how they felt about it afterwards.

Stick to your guns…maybe offer to sub-contract your services to one more larger established company that has the operate and is prepared to pay a sub for top quality workmanship.

Many customers have no concept what a job is worth…they are not carpenters, or tilers, or tub installers, etc. And if the job is so effortless, they would do it themselves.

BTW, right here is a link to a internet site you may possibly be interested in…I have study the book and it is quite eye opening.

Ideal of luck

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kitchen and bathroom fitter?
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