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wall mount mirror
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blow hole sealed with duct tape, gap filler and a plastic bag.

Before and After: Bathroom Goes From Blah to Bold
The wall-mounted sconce — whose jointed neck follows the uncommon ceiling plane — provides the individual making use of the mirrors the potential to adjust the light. But it has a style goal as properly. &quotWe&#39ve noticed a million bathroom designs,&quot says Patrick. &quotI wanted …
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Movie Evaluation: Oculus – “You see what it desires you to see”
These thoughts bending confusions in Oculus come courtesy of a piece of carpentry: a wall-mounted antique mirror with a macabre wooden frame referred to as the “Lasser Glass” – and it has a killer history. The seeking glass dates back four centuries and might have&nbsp…
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Operation Bluestar – Chronology of Events
Marble inlays, plaster and mirror function, filigree partitions and priceless old wall paintings are all destroyed. The gold dome of the Akal Takht is also badly broken by artillery fire. At 1 stage a three.7 inch Howitzer gun is mounted on the roof of a …
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Just before and Soon after: Bathroom Goes From Blah to Bold
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