Is the Internet Too Absurd for 'The Onion'?
The Onion built a legacy on biting parody that held up a mirror to media and society, showcasing both its best and worst traits. ClickHole now brings that sensibility to the Internet while also embracing the business models developed by the sites it …
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Women turn their backs on Salmond
In a muddy field in the Cairngorms National Park, Carole Mungall is putting the final touches to her stall, splaying home-made Harris Tweed handbags and purses across a trestle table. For 500 yards in either direction, other China traders are laying out …

Right-Wing PACs Lose Races, Rake In Cash
According to the latest monthly filings with the Federal Election Commission compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the groups—the Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth Action, and FreedomWorks for America—all saw one of their best …
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Is the Internet Too Absurd for 'The Onion'?
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