Question by kayi: how considerably to paint 2 LED side mirror?
i bought a aftermarket LED side mirror and it is unpainted ( flat black ) i want to paint them silver to match my physique color, how much must i look for? i quoted by some shop for $ 200 performing both side but some shop charge $ 100…whats the average price of performing this?

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Answer by elmoslover
Rates differ by geographic location and colour and paint sort.

Our local body shop charges $ 35-$ one hundred per mirror, based on paint variety. For instance, a three stage paint (base/pearl/clear) fees far more than a single stage (colour coat only).

You might be capable to buy DupliColor spray paint to match your vehicle. Verify out their net website & see if they sell a solution that matches your car’s paint code.

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how significantly to paint two LED side mirror?
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