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RAF Reservist Driver
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Image by Defence Images
A Royal Air Force Reservist Military Driver of 606 Squadron is pictured at the wheel in the course of a coaching weekend at RAF Benson.

On the 18th &amp 19th January 2014 personnel of RAF Reservist 606 (Chiltern) Squadron attended a education weekend at RAF Benson.

All personnel were provided a familiarisation flight in the new Puma 2 helicopter from 33 Squadron based at RAF Benson just before they split into their relevant trade groups to carry out trade particular instruction.

606 Squadron was formed in 1996 as the helicopter help squadron, with the Queen granting it its existing number and title 3 years later. They have 180 Reservists operating in diverse regions such as logistics and flight operations.

It is the only RAF Reserves unit that operates with the Joint Helicopter Command. It has a specifically close connection with the flying squadrons at RAF Benson: 28 (AC) and 78 (B) Squadron (flying Merlin helicopters), and 33 and 230 Squadron (flying the Puma helicopter).

They are usually employed around the world supporting RAF Benson assets on operations, instruction for operations or on other workouts.

All of their roles focus on supplying initial-class back-up to these flying the missions. Several are also trained to operate as helicopter underslung load teams.
Logistics Drivers and Suppliers are, in addition to their main function, educated in providing fuel to helicopters at remote areas.

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Photographer: Corporal Neil Chapman
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31/08/2009 (Day three.243) – Mini Mall
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Image by Kaptain Kobold
Unanderra has a mini-mall*. We’d never really explored it before today, but we’ve been out searching at neighborhood companies these days (as element of a method we’re going by means of to promote our personal) and gave it the as soon as over.

It is got a nice little cafe, an aquarium suppliers, a hairdressers, a newsagent and a couple of other places that escape my memory. And a load of mini workplace suites upstairs.

And it really is got mirrors. Lots of mirrors.

Unanderra it really is got every thing 🙂

Run through Poladroid simply because people mentioned good things about yesterday’s picture. I like the thought that you can see that it is not a actual Polaroid because my camera’s in shot 🙂

A year ago these days I was at a loved ones meal. And in the evening I went to an Ann Summers celebration. Fact.

*Strictly it’s probbaly an arcade, but mini-mall sounds so a lot better.

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