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… the faces are from one face completed in pastels by a well identified Chinese-American artist in Corpus Christi of Sherry when she was fifteen years old. The duality is my notion of Sherry as my wife and also as the particular person who led me to freedom spiritually. She is also the individual I hope will be led to wellness once more really quickly.

There’s also the duality in my life of the Hindu religion and Christianity, the duality of the rattlesnake and the deer, the duality of good and evil. There’s so significantly much more I want to tell, but I consider I will proibably put most people to sleep with the 1st 3 paragraphs. The duality of that elementary school teacher who created the Taj Mahal reside and the Rev. Dr. who announced to me what I have believed independently for years. Welcome to my globe.

If you look at the grooves and ridges along the Grand Canyon, or any river bank, you see the places exactly where some rock and soil have withstood the assault of wind and water over a period of time. Survival of the fittest. The sturdy substance remains and the weak substance is washed away.

If you appear at the animal kingdom you see the exact same struggle for survival. Our residential neighborhoods right here in Central Texas a alive with deer. The deer are becoming adjusted to urban living simply because their organic habitat is being gobbled up by strip malls, housing projects and urbanization, necessary for our human population development. The folks are responding to the deer because the deer are gorgeous and graceful and make their yards appear attractive. I’ve fed deer for years and I hope they will survive their loss of habitat. We seldom see a diamondback rattlesnake in the neighborhoods since they have not been cute and cuddly, so have not survived. If we see a single, we don’t rest until we’ve killed it. Our kids should survive and they undoubtedly come first. Priorities.

Life is like a game, or more like a whole olympics of games. The very first winner is the sperm which got to the egg very first generating each and every single one of us. But we’re missing the entire point. You have to enter the race or you can not win it. Like the man who prayed to God asking that he win a million dollar lottery. Soon after some months, he rails at God and asks, “Why haven’t you answered my prayer.” From heaven a deep voice responds, “You haven’t purchased a lottery ticket, however, idiot!”

You have to be there to win. That’s why the men and women with huge population development are winning the survival game they’re merely being there. The Muslim population of Northern Europe is exploding in development to the point it is predicted Italy will soon grow to be a Muslim nation. Hispanic folks now are the majority in regions along the Mexican border. They have enhanced their population even though the Northern European Americans are not even replacing themselves. This is a natural response to distinct actions and decisions every single group has made. The Hispanics made the decision to be there and the Non-Hispanics created the selection not to. The Muslims are winning in Europe since they came as deer, not rattlesnakes, and as did the Hispanics along the border. There are rattlesnakes in both groups and they have held the method back rather than assisting. Of course, there are rattlesnakes in the populations getting replaced as nicely. They tend to help the expanding group with their presence of danger to all.

I wasn’t shocked when Barak Obama won the presidential election, but I was shocked at the margin of his victory. I had gathered the snacks with each other, popped the popcorn, had the ice and Cokes nearby and was ready to keep up till two in the morning watching the election final results on Tv. I went to bed at nine-thirty, with a appear of amazement on my face. I think I was watching the actions of a population repelled by the presence of rattlesnakes. There are small cells of rattlesnakes all around us.

Sherry’s profession was destroyed by a small cell of rattlesnakes. Here’s how it occurred.

Sherry and I have been married virtually forty years ago. When we married we moved to Atlanta to take a job I had been supplied. That didn’t perform out. The man who presented the job died only two months following we arrived. We stayed precisely 1 year and returned to Corpus Christi exactly where I went to function for a paint manufacturing company. Sherry finished her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and became a teacher in the public schools. I gladly switched to her church, the Methodist Church when we married. Sherry was a organic at working with men and women and kids. Our church place collectively 3 part-time positions and presented Sherry a job as Day School Director, Youth Director and Sunday School Director. She was a sensation at that and many years later she decided she was being known as to go to seminary and turn into ordained. I had turn out to be a stock holder in the organization I was with and was managing a retailer that moved more than 5 million dollars per year in industrial and industrial paint products. I could see the handwriting on the wall and knew that the rise and good results of this small business was about to take a downward trend, so I resigned, sold my stock back to the firm and we moved to Dallas exactly where Sherry enrolled in Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University.

Four years later she was appointed pastor to two small churches northeast of San Antonio, then five years later to a church in north Austin, 4 years later to Johnson City exactly where we fell in enjoy with the community, the people and the loving nature of the church there. We stayed nine years. Then Sherry felt she needed a challenge, so she took an appointment to a church in Kerrville, Texas that had a reputation for becoming quite challenging on pastors. The pastor before Sherry stayed only a year, ahead of the church leaders asked that he be replaced. Sherry moved in with the concept that enjoy would prevail and that the negativism could be overcome.

The preceding pastor had been a quite fundamentalist soul and told many of the members he believed there had been demons in the church buildings and was pondering about possessing an exorcism. 5 years following Sherry took over the church I was ready to proclaim he was appropriate and I could give addresses and phone numbers.

The 1st conflict came due to the fact some of the members of this “older people” church were telling new households who visited with youngsters they would be considerably happier at the other Methodist church in town, since they had a system for kids. Their complaint was that young children left toilet paper on the floor of the restrooms and left hand marks on the walls. Sherry solved this difficulty by actively in search of households with young children, producing a youth system, developing a playground and building a Trip Bible School to die for. With absolutely everyone in Bible times costumes and a virtual Bible occasions village.

The demons continued to gripe, bitch and whine for over 5 years. Then two of the folks Sherry thought had been with her in a want to hold the church offering a friendly location for young individuals and children turned against her. Their fundamental complaint was they supposedly believed the Bible was a penal code to be obeyed to the letter. My query to that was, “…so what in the Hell are you undertaking going to a church with a female pastor?” In the writings of the Apostle Paul, he instructs that the females hold silence in the assembly of the church. Almost certainly the major break came when 1 of our members wanted to teach a special class on Religions of the World.

One of our members, Jim was not only a retired ordained Methodist minister, but had a Phd. In psychology and counseling. Jim came to Sherry and mentioned he’d like to teach a class of about ten sessions, two hours long on the major Religions of the Planet. Sherry thought that was super and so presented the thought to the chairperson of the churches Education Committee. That particular person became very adverse and stated, “We can not even teach our members not to sin, so why are we going to teach them about other religions?” Needless to say Rev. Dr. Jim taught the class, I took it and had a most unusual experience even though there. When Jim had explained the standard facts of the Hindu Religion, I told him instantly in front of the complete class, “Jim, that’s what I’ve believed for years, in reality I’ve always wanted to be a Methodist ever given that an old Methodist told me he believed even the American Indian warrior would go to heaven if he struggled to obey the wishes of his Fantastic Spirit.

A few months later, Sherry asked the Bishop to relieve her of the assignment to the Kerrville church and she applied for recuperation leave. She was getting treated for clinical depression and the added attacks by these new complainers was a lot more that she felt she could deal with.

This leads to my meeting my fantastic world wide web close friends from India and my posting of the blessing from Lord Danesh.

From the net here is a quick statement of Hindu standard belief:

I.: What is Hindu Religion?

1. Hindu Religion, often referred to as Hindu Dharma, Vaideeha Dharma and Sanatana Dharma, is the world’s oldest Religious faith. It was followed by the ancient civilization of the Indus valley, Ganges valley, Deccan and Cauveri delta, as effectively as other components of India all over the Indian peninsula and surrounding areas of Asia. This Faith, identified by numerous names, is followed and practiced in numerous methods and forms as it was practiced many thousand years back, with very little modifications, although it adjusted itself to the numerous occasions.
two. There are more than 900 million to 1 Billion Hindus living throughout the globe, mainly in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia from ancient times and also the Hindus settled all over the planet now. There are also several new converts and followers to this practice in the modern world.
3. Hinduism, is as considerably a &quotway of life&quot as a religion and affects each aspect of life for Hindus from birth all through their life. It is followed by the devout Hindu in each aspect of life and activity, and not just in a prayer only.

II.: Hindu Scriptures and Principles

4. Hinduism, as opposed to most religions, has no founder and no one scripture. Hindus do not have 1 &quotHoly Book&quot like numerous other religions, but a lot of texts including the 4 Vedas along with their Upanishads, known as the &quotSruti&quot, a number of Dharma Sasthras or Smrutis, Ithihasas and Puranas including the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The Bhagavad Gita, or &quotSong of God&quot, comes as component of Mahabaratha, is an essence of the message of the Upanishads and Hindu Philosophy and is deemed to be a guide on how we should reside as told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna.
5. Hindus believe that as all streams and rivers lead to the same ocean, all genuine religious (spiritual) paths lead to the very same goal worship of every single form of &quotGOD&quot and celestial forces leads to the same excellent. So they do not try to convert other folks to our religion. Each 1 is permitted to pray and worship to a form or a formless according to one’s personal expertise, want, need to have and spiritual elevation.
6. Hindus believe in One God, beyond type, space and time and beyond human comprehension. They believe that God is Transcendant and Immanent at the identical time and will produce Itself according to everyones wish and needs to defend the pious, to detroy the evil and establish the Divine Rule of Law and Justice. So, they belive that God will come to them in each type one desires and prays according to one’s want and want.

III.: A single God in Numerous Types and Many Names

7. Most Hindus, needing a type on which to concentrate, worship that one God in distinct types, worshiping one particular aspect of that One particular Divine Supreme Truth – Paramatma. — Hindus see God in masculine as properly as in feminine forms and also like a loved ones. At the same time, they all realize the Accurate nature of the Supreme.
9. Please understand that a lot of of the sects of Hindus following the numerous types of philosophy and worship andvisualize this very same Paramathma – the Supreme God – as Narayana [Vishnu], or as Paramasiva [Siva] and Paraasakthi [Sakthi or Durga]. These are the main forms of Paramatma is understood and worshipped by the various sects of Hindu Devotees.
eight. Hindu &quotGods&quot are worshipped in the various incarnations, manifestations and types as developed by the supreme God Paramathma for the benefit of the Human creations to simply comprehend Him as He is. Hindus see that A single God taking the masculine types as Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the protector and maintainer, and Shiva as Siva-Nataraja – the destroyer and re-creator. — Hindus see that One particular God in the female types as Sakthi or Durga, – provider of power and power, as Lakshmi, – provider of prosperity and wealth and as Saraswathi, – provider of expertise and intelligence.
ten. Here please note that unlike the other significant planet religions, Hindus also see the Supreme as Mother, such as as Sri Meenakshi, as Visalakshi, as Kamakshi and as a lot of other names of Sakthi. He is also seen as Father as in Siva in numerous forms in a number of Hindu Temples. — The Temple in which they are worshipped is not just a congregation hall but a palace of the Supreme God [as the Queen or King]. The dovoted Hindu is capable to receive his or her comminion with the A single Supreme God via the prayers to any of the forms as they see that One Supreme in every type or aspect they worship.

IV.: Hindu Rituals and Worship

11. Hindu worship takes into account the capacities and inclinations of diverse people. –Types of worship contain Ritualistic worship (temple or property), offering (directly or by means of the priest) flowers, coconut, fruits, incense, flames of oil lamps and camphor, chanting of prayers in Sanskrit (or their mother tongue), and so on.
12. Also: Worship through service of one’s fellow man (charity) and by one’s activity — Worship by means of studying of sacred texts and devotion to the Supreme — Worship via meditation with physical and mental discipline and via understanding 1st the inner self then the divine that is everywhere. — Worship and prayers are the duties of the human soul to attain Divine protection from the effects of bad karmas and to get guided in the suitable path.

V.: Hindu Beliefs &amp Tenets
13. Hindus believe in Ahimsa, or non-violence, which is the basis for the vegetarian diet plan of a lot of Hindus. Hindus believe non-injury or Ahimsa in all activities which contain thought, word, and deed. Hindus believe in Truth and that the Truth will in the end prevail and protect. Hindus believe in following the Dharma or the divine Law that will protect them at all instances.
14. Hindus think in Karma, the law of Trigger and Effect. Related to Christian &quotAs ye sow, so shall ye reap&quot or &quotWhat goes about, comes about.&quot (No such thing as a free of charge lunch.) — Hindus strive to stick to Karma Yoga which is Performing one’s own duty without expectation of any rewards for it.
15. Hindus believe in reincarnation, or &quotlife soon after life.&quot (Outcomes could take place in a following life.) Every person soul returns to earth a number of occasions by rebirth to carry out proper Karma to purify itself. As soon as purified by very good karma, the soul reaches liberation with no-rebirth. Attachment, greed and lust leads to undesirable karma major to grief and further suffering and rebirths to wash off those effects.
16. A aim of Hindus is to attain Moksha, to be freed from the cycle of birth and death (when the &quotgood&quot and the &quotbad&quot karmas balance.) or to attain Swarga, the abode of the Divine Soul or Paramatma [God] to serve at His feet.

So, that leaves me where I am today, looking for a way to combine the beauty of the Hindu religion and the love as taught by the Messiah of Enjoy, rejected by Israel. I’m still functioning on it, and I’m still getting problems with the notion of “loving my enemies.” …. So you see we’ve place our rattlesnakes far behind us and we’re trying to concentrate on the beauty and tranquility of the deer. I still have an urge to go back and feed the deer. But you can never go back effectively, only forward to the ocean.

If you have study this far, you’re almost certainly very interested in the Hindu religion. Here’s a fantastic site for far more reading:

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