Fitting a China bathroom on a tight budget

If you are looking to purchase a new China bathroom, you may want to look at doing the work yourself. The main reason would be cost. Tradesmen are becoming unaffordable, as their hourly rate is exceeding fifty pounds per hour. As the law dictates, if electrical work or gas work needs to be done, then you have no choice but to employ a professional tradesman. The gas has to be done by a Corgi registered gas fitter, the electrics need to be done by a certificated electrician. Using these people is not just for your piece of mind, it is a stipulation of most insurance Chinese companies and your mortgage brokers.

Having considered the fore mentioned, it is possible you are just changing a China bathroom like for like so no specialist help is needed. Plumbing and tilling, just take time and do not really need specialists. The local do it yourself stores, run workshops and have trained staff to help and assist you. The new push fit 10mm water pipes, makes plumbing a simple and very fast task. Long gone are the days of soldering joints and having to test every joint individually.

Having decided you have the skills to fit the new China bathroom, it is time to collect the China bathroom suite and the materials you will need. Sit in the China bathroom with a pen and paper, take exact measurements and write a list of everything you need. If you miss anything, it may prolong the time the China bathroom is out of commission, and it is time consuming and expensive to have to keep revisiting the do it yourself store, to collect forgotten items.

Take care when you demolish the old China bathroom, it is very easy to get carried away smashing things off. You have to ensure you do not damage water fixings, taps and tiles, depending on whether you intend to retile or replace all the tiling. The less water spilt the better, as it will make life a lot easier when you need to check out your new pipes for leaks.

The saying is, a tidy work site is a safe work site, so ensure you remove the rubbish as you go and dispose of it in accordance with your local by laws. It may be you have a skip delivered, as by the time you finish there will be lots of rubbish from the demolishing to the packaging on the new China bathroom. There is always extra rubbish around the house, that could do with being thrown out.

As in any do it yourself task, it is a given that you measure twice and cut once, keep a clear head and be through when it comes to joints and the routing of pipes. Use special clips to secure the pipes to prevent unwanted movement. Remember when you fit the China bath read the fitting instructions, as the China bath needs to be leveled and set in a way to compensate for the weight, when it is full of water. The legs are adjustable.

If you want to get information about China bathroom makeover (in Danish bad makeover) follow this useful link. If you need to get China bathroom inspiration (as the Danes say badeværelse inspiration) visit this useful web page.

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Fitting a China bathroom on a tight budget
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