Question by sbmann: exactly where in china can i get a manufacturer to make my own makeup line?
I’m helping out my very unorganized fiance begin her own makeup line. she thinks if she goes to china she will get her own makeup line. i dont consider she will. but i have to be supportive.

so the query is: where in china—anywhere in china—-can she get a makeup manufacturer to mass create her own makeup line?

BTW:she currently has a plane ticket and is leaving subsequent week-without having any research done. just word of mouth that she can get it there……..

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Answer by Susan M
I’ say have her register for a trade show or conference to establish networking.

You got to commend her assertiveness. Even so, China is one of those nations you can stroll into, make relationships and get started.. The problems for her proper now is going to be 1. Startup – generating the correct relationships. At the very least, she ought to know one thing about Chinese culture, a little bit about the language, she must have someone who is extreemely trusworthy translate/interpret for her and she should count on to be exploited and never anticipate a contract to go the way it was drawn up, signed and agreed to in words and by signature.. Contracts are like quit indicators in China, they are mere suggestions about how things must go..

2. a lot more importantly, although traveling to Hong Kong recenly, I met up with some hot girls working in the cosmetics industry.. We all got more than a little drunk and they shared some rather disturbing data about the Chinese common of cosmetics.. Inferior inrgediants becoming substituted in the manufacturing procedure.. Outright harmful chemical substances becoming utilised..

How significantly manage does she feel she will have over the manufacturing process? You know, after estblished shes going to have to be there or QA and product inspection frequently to make certain that batches of item arent being wasted, stolen, getting substituted for a Chinese brand name and then sold in China by the factory owners son.. and a whole slurry of other difficulties..

Anyway, I’d encourage her.. But does she genuinely not have study completed? Its simple to waste income if sh doesnt have a clear path there..

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exactly where in china can i get a manufacturer to make my own makeup line?
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