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Zhang Rongming told the media really like the helm of this group mentioned: “Localization of the rise of essential love, lies in the fact adhere to the ‘brand management strategy’ It is based on the ‘brand management’ firm belief, love the design group can instruction, channel expansion and brand promotion of culture and so make the appropriate decisions to hand ‘mainstream fashion culture’ of the permit, Chinese clothes industry became the most influential fashion brands. “

HC Apparel Network In a sense, “love” is China Underwear Industries from babbling until independent walking a “miniature.” Perhaps the success of deciphering her password, makes way for more to open a new underwear brand window. What tends to make a lingerie brand in the industry for many years and usually keep exceptional overall performance?

Answer, it appears concentrated in the “brand management” into words.

Adore the helm Zhang Rongming Group told the media that stated: “Localization of the rise of enjoy essential lies in the truth adhere to the ‘brand management strategies’ It is based on the ‘brand management’ firm belief, really like the design team can instruction, channel expansion and brand promotion of culture and so make the correct decisions to hand ‘mainstream fashion culture’ of the pass, became China Clothes Profession’s most influential fashion brands. “

“Brand”, “insist”, “belief” that these brilliant words … … create a love for so many years among the footprints, also type component of our cause for right now looked at her carefully.

“To develop beauty, enjoy of the” brand values

“So many years, I only do one factor, they do underwear.” In a public forum, enjoy Group Chairman Zhang Rongming says.

Such a time to commit ten years produced underwear, you can easily see that on a lot of occasions??? She often “Shopping

MALL “in aesthetic implicitly reveal the breath sometimes flamboyantly his greatest stretch in the inventive space often walking with a supermodel, released swaying posture … …

Nevertheless, no matter how gorgeous she was in 1000 changed million fantasy space, perhaps the most to the moment your heart, or when you proud to locate that??? Enumerating your wardrobe, she has quietly with your “private “for numerous years.

From a beautiful “displays” have successfully converted to a marketplace value of the “commodity” This is Zhang Rongming the charm and wisdom more than the years lies.

In Zhang Rongming view, to attain such a conversion is not challenging. The practice of adore is: the values of their own unique effects and healthful customer groups, “making the United States, passing really like”, only the values powerful enough to have a brand independent considering values only wholesome enough to guide her to make customers from the heart of respect and loyalty to effectively capture their sentimental fickle heart.

Such values, then we need to have a viable help system to be accomplished. Adore, such as deputy common manager Zhou said, let the “clients” turn out to be real “customer”, a selection of innovative indicates of communication, as nicely as the profound cultural interpretation underwear, and spread to a wider range, is a lingerie brand essential way fashion business.

The somewhat “literary taste” and “fashion enjoy life,” is an expression of love style company.

Fashion your life love major frame consists of six distinct scenes of life, by love of the six leading style brand expression. In addition to his four sisters really like the brand, but also a grand launch of the international prime swimwear brands GOTTEX and Europe’s prime underwear brands LISECHARMEL. 6 brands by way of the auxiliary pattern, fashion your life as a entire constitute a decorative pattern, visually enhanced awareness of the brand represents a feeling of capturing the spirit and identity.

Flagship store opened in the past are really diverse, adore style your life, not merely show and sell items, but rather strengthened the concept of wearing the appropriate to guide the customer to grasp the content material. According to love the person in charge, with such a space setting, can be a great reminder that individuals in different locations or various circumstances should not only focus on external modification to better comprehend the fashion of the “content” and the importance of matching the atmosphere.

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Enjoy a domestic brand management approach underwear – RF Beauty Equipment Manufacturer
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