Emerging Markets Are Incubators of Mobile Disruption
Couple that with the explosive growth of Chinese device manufacturers running forked versions of Android that are beyond the control of Google and don't feature Google's products, and the competitive makeup of the smartphone marketplace is going to …
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Fishy business: Chennai emerges as hub for illegal shark fin trade
Fins are the most valuable part of sharks, and are boiled and used in soups. They are processed in Hong Kong or China. Liver extracts of sharks are used by the pharmaceutical industry and also by cosmetics manufacturers. Shark fin trade began only a …
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The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines & Philippines Health and
BBAB event has also garnered support from several associations in key sectors of the Thailand beauty industry (Thai Cosmetics China Manufacturers Association, Thai Spa Association, Herbal Products Association, Health Food and Supplements Association …
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Synthetic drug tzars making a fortune in illicit trade that's a deadly risk to
Sex shop owners, along with tobacconists and alternative stores, behind the colossal online trade are still the main suppliers despite new laws banning their sale in Queensland four months ago, The Sunday Mail can reveal. Synthetic cannabis – sold …
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Emerging Markets Are Incubators of Mobile Disruption
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