Dublin woman awarded more than 000 after a poorly fitted bathroom tile
A spill from her toilet has led to Isabela O'Sullivan getting $ 35,000 in compensation for her pain. The 61-year-old Dubliner was so frightened by a falling tile while she was sitting on the toilet that she fell forwards and hurt her right knee. Just a …
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1950s Dallas house is part Rat Pack, part space race
The walnut and birch paneling throughout the house, for instance, is all 3/4-inch solid wood, fitted with tongue-and-groove joints. “I talked to the architect — he must have been in his 90s then — and he told me they didn't spare anything. … The …
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Floor Plan Porn: New York City's Puck Penthouses
… two fitted dressing rooms and two windowed bathrooms. A few days after Penthouse VI showed up on the open market so did Penthouse IV, the second largest of the penthouses with 5,919-square-feet, three bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and an asking price of …
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Arrested for peeing? What's really behind NYPD's “public lewdness” crackdown
According to a recent New York Times piece, in the past year police have arrested more than 60 men in the building's second-floor bathroom on charges of “public lewdness,” mostly for masturbation — a sevenfold increase from last year. Legal Aid …
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Dublin woman awarded more than $35000 after a poorly fitted bathroom tile
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