Dream property: Compact downtown condo is packed with character
Accessories in the residence are vibrant and unusual, such as Etheridge&#39s table lamp with a green glass base and brown-and-white striped shade an animal-striped living area carpet an oversized, gilt-framed mirror and a cocktail cart created of brass and …
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Property Calls: From an ascetic to aesthetic master bedroom
Romy and Steve Jaffe enjoy the recent remodel of their master bath, and now their attention has turned to their stark white and sparsely furnished bedroom. … A mix of materials and finishes, including metal and wood, provides the space a contemporary …
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Kid&#39s Play
As in, “Just a minute popular designer individual in NYC, my VP of sales is about to beat our VP of advertising and marketing more than the head with a wooden mallet. Let me just give … The other choice was to hide in the bathroom with the telephone. 2. Attempting to … Yay! Fun …
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Dream house: Compact downtown condo is packed with character
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