Dog branded with profanity gets cosmetic surgery
LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A young dog that was found branded with a profane word has undergone cosmetic surgery in Kentucky to mask part of the word that was chemically burned into her. The dog, a pit-bull mix named Felicity, was taken in last month after …
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Hightower: Formaldehyde needs to be removed from all cosmetics
In the U.S. alone, the cosmetics industry pulls in some $ 70 billion a year in sales of what's commonly called “makeup.” But lipstick, blush and mascara are not the only kind of makeup the cosmetic giants are peddling. For years, their lobbyists …

More Canadians shopping online with cosmetics and housewares popular items
When looking at the most common items purchased online, cosmetic and beauty products were up six percentage points to 29 per cent from last year; pet products were up six points to 17 per cent; furniture and housewares were up five points to 23 per …
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Dog branded with profanity gets cosmetic surgery
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