Discover décor in all its facets
The "gemstone" shape is especially attractive in reflective materials — mirror, glass, shiny metallics — where light plays off the planes. The look is clean, contemporary and luxe. Yet in ceramic, wood or fabric … Stacked, smoky, etched-glass …
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Beer with a Painter: Jenny Dubnau
Dubnau explained to me that the mirror is not used to make self-portraits (she works from her own photography), but rather to analyze her paintings in reverse. Dubnau's portraits and self-portraits are unflinching—they … into our space, examining us …
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The makeover that's divided a nation
Skopje may not be the highest profile European capital. Indeed, until 1991 it was not a capital at all – but just a large provincial city in what used to be Yugoslavia. But now, as Macedonia's seat of government, it is trying to make a name for itself …
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Discover décor in all its facets
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