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Taeyang Quarterly 3.1: Text
where to buy magnifying mirrors
Image by Chris Fritz
Soon after failing to generate results employing a magnifying glass, I went with using a mirror for my entry.

The mirror notion was recommended by a co-worker as a way to compensate for an original notion exactly where Daniel’s back was to the camera, but his face required to be observed. She advisable utilizing a mirror, but that would not perform for the planned notion. I attempted making use of a non-mirror reflection, but that didn’t function out. Unable to feel of any way to get my notion to function, I decided to drop my concept and attempt something diverse.

While swapping Daniel’s outfit, his undershirt and boxers reminded me of the mirror notion. This is since the only mirror I have is the bathroom mirror. But, exactly where does text match into it? The very best way to leave a message for a person to see is to write it on their bathroom mirror they’ll see it when they go in to brush their teeth.

Who would leave Daniel a message? Melanie, the foster child visiting with him for a while. And what would a kid create on the mirror? A message to get milk somehow seemed acceptable. I can think about Melanie waking up early with plans to go somewhere for the day, then she utilizes the final of the milk in her cereal for breakfast. Given that she’ll be leaving quickly, and because Daniel does not drink milk and as a result may possibly not notice the milk carton is missing from the refridgerator and alternatively is in the trash, she writes him a message he will not miss.

The intriguing aspect of this photograph is the lighting. The place is a bathroom counter, which doesn’t provide the very best lighting. There were open doors on either side of the room, each allowing differing levels of sunlight in, but neither was sufficient adequate to light the scene. The camera’s flash reflected off of every thing achievable, rendering it unusable.

The answer? I utilized aluminum foil to block the flash at an angle. The flash reflected off and managed to light the scene properly adequate, with no making use of too significantly or too small light.

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