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In the O.R. with Dr. Vishal Kapoor, Photo of Mini Facelift Surgery
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Image by Best In Plastics (310) 385-9623

Facelift surgery is commonly performed to right sagging along the jaw-line (recognized as jowls) and neck region (generally referred to as the turkey-neck). Progressive drooping of our facial skin and muscle tissues causes these deformities. Traditionally a facelift would involve tightening only the skin element of the face and neck. The biggest drawbacks of skin only facelifts are somewhat unnatural appearing final results with a “pulled back look”, poor scars, and shortly lived outcomes.

Beverly Hills / Los Angeles
Orange County

Photo Courtesy of 13th Hour Studios

Mars a day
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Image by shaggy359
An unfortunate coming collectively of a slimming centre and a chocolate advert. There appears to only be a door to the shop promoting the chocolate. This is Aldgate Higher Street in the City of London.

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