Some cool mirror magnifying images:

Mirror’s edge
mirror magnifying
Image by ChaoticMind75
This is not actual photo, just straightforward photo manipulation i do for enjoyable: two color variants of same snowflake blended in &quotdifference&quot mode, and contrast curve applied to make image brighten. Even though this is false colors, their distribution across the picture based on real colors of source image. Appears greater in original resolution: 1596 x 1596.

Title borrowed from game Mirror’s Edge (i truly like it really is visual style).

Far more snowflakes in album snowflakes and snow crystals.
Also i wrote small post about my shooting method.

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Magnifying glass
mirror magnifying
Image by Falashad
from Darwins era. Component of the exhibit celebrating the anniversary of Darwins accomplishments.

Cool Mirror Magnifying images
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