Some cool dressing table mirrors images:

Our Nursery
dressing table mirrors
Image by MightyBoyBrian
Our nursery is prepared for the birth of our youngster! Just to repeat the facts, we don’t know the gender and we’re expecting the child in early August.

Photographically speaking, this is a lightly tonemapped image. I wanted to preserve the shadow detail while still mainting a sense of realism.

Going around the room numerous of the objects have been discovered and refinished. On the left, I pulled that dresser out of a dumpster and Heidi refinished it. The chair was discovered at a resale shop, the footstool was saved from the side of the road, reupholstered, and painted, the dresser was thrifted and repainted with the addition of new knobs. The lamp and mirror were household relics breathed new life by new paint. The rolling storage shelves were a craigslist discover and the tiny table and chairs were trash picked/garage sold respectively. Lastly my mother sewed us the curtains backing the material with a room darkening fabric. Heidi and I are both pleased to be accomplished.

Mirrors in the Bathroom
dressing table mirrors
Image by rockinpaddy
Nicely, dressing space but it’s all punk ain’t it!

Cool Dressing Table Mirrors pictures
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