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Eryca #41/one hundred, five Month Stranger
cosmetic mirror with lights
Image by Mark Emery Photography
Early a single morning back in August 2008 I was waiting for my wife to finish her B.N.I breakfast meeting ahead of heading into the office. Into the room walked a lady who projected beauty, style and self confidence in excellent volumes. I’d not got more than my initial nerves at this stage of the &quot100 Strangers&quot project so didn’t ask her appropriate away. She sat down beside me and following a whilst we got chatting. She introduced herself as Eryca and introduced her pal Joy, and image Consultant/Stylist of Prospective U.

I ultimately plucked up the courage to ask her to be component of the project, she smiled and gave me a yes. BUT she then stated she’d like to do her makeup and asked if we could take the shot an additional day, she wasn’t actually a mornings individual. I was stunned! She looked fantastic and wanted to fix her makeup? She told me about a terrible auto crash she’d been in and how it changed her path away from modeling. She gave me her card and we agreed to remain in touch. Why the delay? Her card said it all. Eryca Freemantle is an aesthetic beauty specialist &amp celebrity make up artist!

With her extremely busy schedule a number of attempts to meet up came and went. Eryca had the forethought to tell me about the possibility of a job overrunning when we booked the studio, so it wasn’t that big a deal when it overran, and it resulted in a fun shoot with Laurence. We provisionally kept the following Thursday [tonight] free of charge. Fortunately Eryca decided she’d rather be photographed at property, a place far a lot more exciting than the studio! (Sorry Mike!). She’s got a stunning mirror almost the height of a wall that appears like a magical portal into one more globe.

Eryca had answered the door in a lovely conventional blue print dress. It was quite distinct to what I’d observed her wearing at B.N.I. She made me a nice cup of mint tea and we chatted for a although, there had been a lot of books and magazines in the kitchen, she was doing analysis for an upcoming trip. I told her about the two photos I currently had in thoughts. She’s incredibly busy, functioning on a number of projects and has not too long ago endorsed a cosmetics company’s item, obtaining her photo on the inner page of their catalog cover. She had a couple of printing samples on the counter and let me maintain a single. With all of her a lot of contacts Eryca is assisting firms get into emerging markets, specifically in Africa. I also learnt that Eryca writes about Well being &amp Beauty for, a site that gets 5million hits a month.

Tea finished, Eryca popped upstairs to adjust. I ought to have got a shot of her in her blue dress, but suspect that’s her “just chilling at home” dress. My thoughts got lost in a big book of lovely photographs that she’d been offered by another photographer.

We utilized one of the front rooms for the shots as it had a mirror with adequate area around it for the studio lights. The “portal to yet another world” mirror was getting made prepared for specialist cleaning so couldn’t be utilised. The frame of the mirror we did use helped bring some context into the shot, so I’m pleased with the final results. I asked her about the tea as I’m caffeine free also. She told me she does not have any caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes, laughed and mentioned she must be boring. Far from it!

I asked Eryca about the tattoo on her ankle possessing spotted it at the B.N.I meeting all these months ago and again tonight. The particulars are private to her but I will say they reveal a lot more of the inner beauty of this lovely lady.

Thank you so significantly for your time tonight Eryca!

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What is in my Bag?
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Image by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠
Been a member of the Bag group for awhile, got bored nowadays and decided to clean out the purse.

Following searching at the LCP I decided that a thin plastic bag would perform greater.

Map hyperlink shows exactly where I parked the car on a hike yesterday.

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