Some cool bathroom towel bars pictures:

Huge Bathroom for Paris Hotels!
bathroom towel bars
Image by Christine ™
The bathroom at the Hotel du Pantheon in Paris was so superb, I had to take a picture. Nice counterspace. Massive tub, perfect for baths with Lush bubble bars (brought from London). But that glass shower wall was difficult for me to get employed to at first. I was convinced I was going to flood the bathroom!

Hotel du Pantheon, Paris, France. Across the street from the Pantheon, with a excellent view! (But not from the bathroom.)

bathroom towel bars
Image by toniwbusch
I wanted to replace the soap/toothbrush holders, the towel bar, and the toilet paper holder, but they’re all plastered to the wall, and would have been much more of a chore to get rid of than I was prepared to face right now.

Cool Bathroom Towel Bars pictures
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