Some cool bathroom hooks photos:

Shelves constructed and installed
bathroom hooks
Image by litlnemo
Thanks to Mike for lots of aid with this! The niche among the door and the sink was never quite beneficial… it was mostly complete of junk just before. Now it has shelves so it can hold linens and cleaning supplies, etc. Very cool!

The crocheted baskets are from IKEA. The towel rack is something I identified at the thrift store in 2005 or 2006. I believe it was from Target originally. I enjoy that it comes with a couple of hooks on it to hang a bathrobe or what ever.

bathroom hooks
Image by Dubber

DSCN0144 – Tape removed and vanity and sink installed and ready for plumbing
bathroom hooks
Image by VesperDEM
Finished with Master Bath… (Still have to put door back on and hook up plumbing on sink, but externally completed. 🙂

Cool Bathroom Hooks pictures
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