Contour Energy Systems Designing Batteries That Last 10x Longer

Lithium ion batteries could be the battery of decision for electric autos such as the Prius, but they’e nonetheless severely restricted, with some batteries needing a recharge right after one hundred miles. As such, Contour Power Systems, a self-described portable energy firm, has stated that it is attempting to generate batteries that last 10x longer than the greatest batteries on the industry at the moment. According to the company’s current press statement, it has reportedly acquired carbon nanotube li-ion battery technologies from MIT that can produce a “tenfold boost in power.”

Contour explains the new technology on its website: ibm thinkpad X60 battery.

Carbon nanotubes–sheets of pure carbon atoms rolled up into tiny tubes–”self assemble” into a tightly bound structure that is porous at the nanometer scale (billionths of a meter). “These carbon nanotubes include quite a few functional groups on their surfaces that can retailer a big quantity of lithium ions per unit mass,” says Professor Shao-Horn of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.

It is hoped that these batteries will not only be able to tremendously extend the variety of electric cars, but make “higher power outputs in short bursts as properly as low power outputs more than longer periods of time. The batteries also never degrade over time, even following 1,000 charge cycles. According to Contour’s research, its new battery has still not seen any alter in current overall performance. IBM thinkpad t22 laptop battery.

These new batteries could transform the subsequent generation of electrical autos making them much more attractive to shoppers with higher charge cycles. Nonetheless, it is unlikely we will see them in the near future due to the fact that carbon nanotubes are not produced in massive sufficient quantities. Even so if Contour Energy Systems are in a position to get the new batteries produced on a mass scale, that could quickly modify. laptop battery for ibm thinkpad r51.

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Contour Power Systems Designing Batteries That Final 10x Longer
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