Query by Timothy: Constellar Omega vs Light Imprisoning Mirror?
I have Light Imprisoning Mirror on the Field, my opponent has Constellar Omega on the field. my opponent activates Torrential Tribute and then activates Constellar Omega’s impact. Does Light Imprisoning Mirror negate the impact? He stated it didn’t and I lost my best 8 match for it 😛
Light Imprisoning Mirror


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Answer by John
It depends. Its all a matter of what activation signifies and chain hyperlinks. Light imprisning mirror only stops effects during activation, it does NOT negate effects activated before it resolves.

For instance:

Constellar Omega is summoned

You chain torrential

He chain’s Omega’s effect

You chain light imrisoning mirror.

OMEGA IS NOT DESTROYED, its effect is already activated. Light imprisoning mirror only stops effects at activation. Activation occurs immediately ahead of the chain even resolves, and light imprisoning mirror hasn’t resolved yet.

Now if you already had light imrisoning mirror active(its impact resolved and its face up on the field and any chain to it is over.) omega can’t use its effect AT ALL.

For instance:

omega is summoned

You use torrential

Omega is destroyed because its not allowed to activate its impact.

They can not use with omega’s impact if light imprisoning mirror is on the field. (It can but if it does it wont do anything as extended as light imprisoning mirror is on the field)

Now NOTE if your card resolves initial omega is nevertheless effected by traps and spells. For example:

Omega is summoned to the field.

You use torrential tribute

He uses omega’s impact

You chain compulsory evacuation device.

OMEGA IS SENT TO Further because compulse resolves before omega’s impact..
Omega is summoned to the field, you have light imprisoning mirror currently active. omega can not use its effect.

One particular Final Issue

If light imprisoning mirror is destroyed prior to omega’s effect resolves its impact will work.


Light imprisoning mirror is already active

Constellar omega is summoned.

You use torrential

He chains omega’s effect(he can nevertheless activate even even though it will be negated)

He chains mystical space typhoon to your light imprisoning mirror, and its destroyed

OMEGA IS PROTECTED because light imprisoning mirror is gone prior to it can stop its effect

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Constellar Omega vs Light Imprisoning Mirror?
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