Query by hollymccartney: concepts for black/pink bathroom?
We’ve moved into a new apartment. Effectively, it really is really very old but new to us. It has a lot of promise and since I hate the town we’re living in, I want to make this apartment my paradise/retreat and decorate it wonderfully. I am currently operating on tips for the bathroom. I purchased a inexpensive rug set of hot pink and had originally wanted to do hot pink and black but now i am not so certain that i can locate accessories that won’t make it look like it belongs to a 15-year old. Also one thing my husband won’t be embarrassed to shower in:D I am thinking about doing light pink and black now. Can anybody point me in the direction of some nice accessories, shower curtains, wall art, and so on that would match this scheme? any decor concepts would be significantly appreciated!

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Answer by Wigwammy
Do your hubby a favor and switch to green. Men only like pink accessories on their ladies, not in their bathrooms. He will only tell you pink is fine due to the fact he loves you.

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concepts for black/pink bathroom?
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