Question by Blah.: collections of random items?
in my art class we have to do a sketch in color of a collection of items. the only catch? the items have to relate. the examples the teacher gave us were “whats on your dresser” to “different skulls”
they can have a background kind of like a still life, or it can be items that you have randomly placed around the page. so my question is, what collection of items would you draw?

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Answer by mustbetoughtobeme
collections of random items can be – items in your backpack, things in your pencil pouch, kitchen drawer full of messy or neatly placed utensils, parent’s wine cabinet, junk food drawer, computer desk drawer, dad’s tool box, mom’s/grandma’s sewing basket/knitting basket, little kid’s toy chest, stamp collection, open your closet and just draw the clothes that are hanging, junk drawer, hair ties box, stuffed animals, beanie babies, whatever collections you have, coin collections, colorful marbles, rubber bouncy balls, shot glass collection from different states, countries, (A collection does not have to be a lot – five or more is considered a collection). anything stored in boxes in your garage or under the bed like – board games collection. Go for it! Have fun while you’re at it!

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collections of random items?
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