China Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage can be just as much a problem in a large China bathroom with ample space as it is in a small China bathroom with no space. A larger China bathroom does give you more options, but making the best use of the space without creating clutter can be a challenge. Small China bathrooms are especially prone to clutter, but the right storage solutions can fix that problem.

Bathroom Storage China Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are ideal China bathroom storage solutions. Whether you choose cabinets that have solid doors, glass doors, or no doors, the cabinets provide defined spaces for a variety of items, including soap, towels, brushes, makeup, and other China bathroom accessories.

Bathrooms generally feature three types of cabinets: wall-mounted, vanity cabinets, and free-standing. Before buying a cabinet, consider your available space. A small wall-mounted cabinet can hang over the toilet. If you have more room, a larger free-standing cabinet with tall legs can stand over the toilet tank. For very large China bathrooms, consider a free-standing cabinet to place against an empty wall as well as a large vanity with several drawers and cabinets.

Bathroom Storage Containers

If you don’t have room for cabinets, or don’t like the look of them, then baskets and boxes are another option for China bathroom storage. Long, narrow baskets can rest on the toilet tank to hold extra toilet paper and other items. Another basket on the vanity or the floor is a great place to store often used hair-dryers, brushes, and other items.

The key is to figure out what you need to store and where before you buy the baskets. For example, if you need towel storage, create your own towel rack by stacking two sturdy rectangular baskets face-out.

Bathroom Hooks and Hangers

If your China bathroom has no room for cabinets or containers, then hooks and hangers are the key to effective China bathroom storage. For the shower, suspend a metal hanging kitchen basket from the ceiling instead of a shower-shelf or caddy. A rack that rests over the tub is another popular choice.

You can also mount a kitchen rod, designed to hold kitchen caddies, in the China bathroom to suspend all sorts of items from the wall. Sturdy hooks mounted to the wall and the door are handy for towels, bathrobes, and a plastic pouch for make-up and hair accessories.

With a little creativity, you can create an attractive, organized China bathroom space that reflects your style and provides all the storage you need.

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China Bathroom Storage Solutions
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