Case Study: Crestron Family Home Installation in Surrey, UK
Bathroom fans, towel radiators and heated mirror pads are switched via the system. … Worse still, no two China manufacturers' bulbs perform the same, and varying the number of fittings on any one circuit can have a dramatic effect on dimming performance.
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Parryware to provide sound sanitation facilities by building China toilets in 25
The initiative is a part of the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan and is inspired by the Prime Minister's 'Swach Bharat Programme' that emphasises on the need for better sanitary conditions in the nation with a special focus on …
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Sound Equipment Giant Enters Uganda Market
The company manufactures speakers, projectors, video equipment, microphones, cables, and bathroom accessories, among others. Technet, a local technology firm based in Bugolobi, will be their main distributor in Uganda. Technet will, in turn, partner …
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Safety first when canning garden produce
Jars do not need to be sterilized before canning if they will be filled with food and processed in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes or more or if they will be processed in a pressure canner. Jars that will be processed in a … Is it all …
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Case Study: Crestron Family Home Installation in Surrey, UK
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