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Cardboard Tube Ornament Present Holders ~ 1 of 9 photos
toilet tissue holder
Image by Urban Woodswalker
Imagination: Cardboard toilet paper tubes, scraps of ribbons, tissue, and odd pieces of left more than present wrap, or newspaper comics generate fantastic 1 of a type handmade hanging ornaments that also contain vacation gifts like jewelry or present cards.

Note, the red clothespin is merely holding the unfilled present &quotbox&quot up . I have however to place the gift inside.

Present Holder from Recycled Cardboard Tube ~ 1 of 3 photos
toilet tissue holder
Image by Urban Woodswalker
I save all the cardboard tubes from toilet paper.

I came up with a tiny gift holder/ tree ornament, utilizing the tube, scraps of present wrap paper, and snips of ribbon. Its a wonderful way to use all the tiny scraps left right after wrapping all the larger presents. Furthermore, broken bits of jewelry, charms, etc can add sparkle, like the tiny metal snow flake here. I even reuse crumploed bits fo tissue papers….they will not really make a difference in something like this.

Whats good is that these can hold the gifts, AND be tree ornaments. Take the gift out very carefully, and you nevertheless have a lovely permanent ornament…or a present package for next year too.

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Toilet Tunes
toilet tissue holder
Image by Rojer
It is also great for toilet paper!

Cardboard Tube Ornament Gift Holders ~ 1 of 9 photos
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