Question by S R: Can anyone advise a good lighted makeup mirror?
I am looking on Amazon (I have a gift card) for a makeup mirror. I would like a round or oval 1 considering that they take up significantly less space. I was asking yourself if anybody had any expertise with the alternatives I am contemplating or if you could advocate one you believe is a good one particular to get.

Right here are my choices:

As I said, I will gladly take any recommendations from you. I just require a mirror that has great lighting so I can use it in my dimly lit bathroom.

Ideal answer:

Answer by Mousy
I’ve attempted the very first Conair one (, and it really is worked fantastic for me, I like how it has one particular side that is regular, and one side that is magnified, so if i want to apply anything that i need to see really close for, instead of leaning into the mirror, i can just flip the side, the lighting is quite vibrant too.

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Can any individual advise a great lighted makeup mirror?
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