Blinking light in Walmart fitting room causes stir
“This is the blinking light, in the Walmart dressing room,” said Jera Freeman, in a video she posted on her sister's Facebook page on Monday. Video shows a blinking red light tucked away under the mirror in a fitting room at the Walmart on Academy in …
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Bill Heaney: Archbishop Philip Tartaglia has lost the schools' dressing room
He is well aware of what happens in the “beautiful game” when a manager is said to have lost the dressing room. So, readers – and the … But money's not everything and the council should take a long hard look in the mirror, as should the Catholic Church.
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We sound like hypocrites criticizing vanity sizing
Seriously, if your biggest problem is an extra trip to the dressing room, you're doing pretty well. China Vanity sizing has … I never obsessed over what size I wore, but then again, I don't really like staring at myself in the mirror either,” Maevers said …

Blinking light in Walmart fitting room causes stir
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