Beurer Foot Warmer keeps your Feet Warm

Warm up your cold feet with the electric Beurer Foot Warmer – never ever suffer cold feet once again!

Pure luxury for winter evenings, the foot warmers offers fast heating, a selection of three temperature settings and for your comfort, has an indescribably soft, washable fleece lining while the outer region is produced of a tougher-wearing material. There is an illuminated show so you can see precisely what setting you are using and the warmer is appropriate for virtually any size of feet from little to massive and aids the blood circulation to cold feet! Please note: Not suggested for diabetics or men and women with pacemakers fitted or with swollen ankles.

Warm and wholesome feet are important to all round wellbeing. There are several reasons for cold feet. Exposure to low temperature is only one and most apparent result in of cold feet. Other causes of cold feet include poor circulation, problems of the nervous method and low thyroid function. If you suffered cold feet for a extended time, it is prudent to seek an tips from a healthcare specialist to exclude or address any underlying health-related circumstances that may call for healthcare therapy.

However, majority of individuals, who encounter cold feet will benefit from warmth generated by easy warming devices, such as hot water bottles, heat pads or bed warmers. The Beurer foot warmer is conveniently foot shaped and lined with cotton. It has removable washable fur to make your feet warm and cosy. The outer material is robust and hardwearing for lengthy term durability.

The foot warmer is easy to use. Basically plug into the mains, switch on and enable to warm up for few minutes. Then location your feet inside the warmer to get pleasure from healing and soothing warmth. The foot shaped foot warmer can be used for warmth and comfort anytime when you are sitting – by your office desk or when watching Television.

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Beurer Foot Warmer keeps your Feet Warm
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